LumaSync EQ API
A graphic equalizer JS plugin that makes visualizing your music easy.

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A significant design change is being made to LumaSync to allow significantly longer runs of LED strips, increasing from a 5ft max to upwards of 60ft. LumaSync will increase in size to fit larger components for dealing with the additional power requirements, so we have taken down renders showing the device as they are no longer accurate. Prototypes of the updated version are in production now, and more information will be posted here once the design is finalized.

Initial Idea

• Build proof-of-concept prototype Completed 1/18/21

• Write software for prototype Completed 1/20/21

• Install and begin testing prototype Completed 1/28/21


• Build prototype v2 with wireless function Completed 3/17/21

• Build prototype v3 with better audio resolution Completed 4/12/21

• Build prototype v4 with analog filtering for effect Completed 5/6/21

• Build prototype v5 with deticated audio processing ICs Completed 7/17/21

• Create PCB layout based on prototypes Completed 10/29/21

• Test PCB prototype v1 for basic functionality Completed 11/17/21

• Build PCB prototypes to solidify filtering & IC processing of audio Completed 12/11/21

• Build UART board for programming PCBs Completed 12/26/21

• Design PCB prototype with finalized production layout Completed 1/12/22

• Test & verify production sample PCB Completed 1/12/22

• Major hardware rework to increase LED power capability In Progress...

• Complete Hardware

Early protoboard to test funcitonality

Early revision of PCB

Production sample of PCB


• Write device software for prototype hardware Completed 7/22/21

• Write device software for production hardware In Progress...

• Create test app for iOS and Android In Progress...

• Build communication link between apps and hardware In Progress...

• Finialize app design & layout

• Publish apps

• Complete Software


• Finalize production PCB Completed 1/15/22

• Source & test power supply to include with hardware Completed 1/15/22

• Create outer housing for device Completed 4/28/22

• Shrink size of production PCB to reduce housing material cost Completed 5/19/22

• Test & verify production sample housing Completed 5/22/22

• Source & test LED Strips to include with hardware Completed 6/12/22

• Design new housing to fit upgraded LumaSync version In Progress...

• Source new 12V LED Strips for upgraded LumaSync version In Progress...

• Design packaging for device In Progress...

• Test & verify production sample packaging

• Begin assembly of pre-orders

• Begin Retail Production

Early printed case prototypes

Material sample for early design

Production sample of both colors

Branding & promotion

• Device Name & Logo Completed 1/8/22

• Build template for website Completed 1/11/22

• Acquire and launch LumaSync domain Completed 5/14/22

• Create web store page with order tracking and tickets In Progress...

• Begin pre-orders

• Begin promotion


• Coming soon...